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Key points to invest in Resume Writing/LinkedIn Optimization Services

Return on Investment

Example – Just imagine that a one-time $249 investment can place you on a job which helps you earn $99000 annually – Isn’t it worth a thought! It is both tricky and tiring to craft a self-made resume. Irregular and unorganized work history, sub-standard writing skills, and lack of achievements are the major reasons that halt a person from writing a results-driven resume. Hence, the job search process as a whole becomes frustrating. However, seeking out the help of a professional certified resume writer can serve the purpose. I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer from Professional Resume Writers Association (PRWA) Qualified Professional Resume writers showcase abilities to aptly use important phrases, tweak your work experience, and polish your qualifications. I create attention-seeking and professional documents that present your skills and qualifications in the best possible manner, thereby offering you an excellent resume, which demands employer’s attention.

Importance of a Well-Drafted Resume

A well-written resume expedites your job search from good to great. For you to get selected as the most potential candidate, it is vital that your resume stands out from the rest and positions you as the top candidate. I ensure that your resume gives you an outstanding response and enable you to land the right job. Here are the major reasons why you should avail my professional resume writing services:

To Pass the 30 Second Rule
Many high volume recruiting employers do not have the bandwidth to go through each and every resume they receive for a single opening. Hence, your resume should have a capability to pass the 30 second rule – I have an in-depth knowledge about a/any particular industry and hence display the ability to get your resume through the 30 second rule.

Purposeful Delivery
When you have a sufficient working experience, your resume needs a professional touch that delivers the purpose of your job change to the reader. The purpose should be clear and concise and should have the ability to make you a perfect fit for the role and organization.

I assist you to get a perfect summary/profile synopsis/immediate value offered for your job search. The experience in the industry enables me to understand what the employers want to read. This ability of  understanding the connection between employers and candidates makes me and my services, a must in your job search.

Quality Focused Product
Whilst there is no direct connection between the seekers writing abilities and job performance, quality writing in your resume becomes more than necessary. A grammatical mistake can be read as lack of attention to detail, and the use of slang/jargons can say you’re too informal in professional settings. To cut any chances of rejection, get a professional resume writer (ME) who ensures that you have a flawless resume.

Display of Cross-Functional Abilities
Multi-tasking – Today, it is not enough to do one aspect of a job. With increasing job descriptions and expanding roles, your resume should have the ability to tell the employer that you are countable for cross-functional roles, giving you an edge over other candidates.
Confidence provides you the edge over others.

Your resume is considered as a reflection of your self-confidence. I would aptly extract your relevant skills and make them look good on your resume. It can be challenging to display your own set of skills in ways that display confidence. Hence, using a professional help can add feathers to your application and will give you more confidence than your uncertain efforts.

Overcoming Resume Gaps
Frequently changing jobs or changing industries/sectors are some issues that you may face during a job search process. I help you to highlight the positives on your resume waving off any negatives. Hence, a professionally written resume helps you to deal with your issues, making a strong impact on the employer and finally getting you an interview.

Facts in Your Background
A strong resume accurately explains your background, qualifications, skills, achievements, and areas of expertise. This helps you compete with other job-seekers. My resume writing service slashes all the unessential details and gets direct to the point, enabling the employer FIND YOU amongst a group.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Generate More Leads

Undoubtedly LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful content marketing platform of late, but still serves as a business (social) network for most users. 

Apart from job seekers, LinkedIn can assist entrepreneurs and freelancers identify and onboard potential new clients. Over 90% of recruiters say they use social media in the recruiting process, 85 percent specifically use LinkedIn(US/UK/Australia) and 65% in India/Middle East.

So what’s the best way to optimize your profile and attract business leads or recruiting offers? LinkedIn offers guides for both general and sales optimization. With over 330 million users on LinkedIn, you will only start to get noticed by job recruiters and other business professionals when your profile is 100% complete. Some of the basic keys for optimizing a LinkedIn profile include:

  •  Using a professional looking headshot
  • Develop a headline that’s more than just a job title / Sell yourself / Add Industry
  • Add samples of past projects / Publishing posts frequently is a great way to get noticed
  • Make sure your profile is complete / Don’t be afraid to use details – Ex: achievements/targets etc
  •  SEO optimization is truly necessary – Key words for job search are the most important aspect!
  •  List at least three skills for your connections to endorse
  • For more LinkedIn profile optimization basics, visit our website

As a company, business, or an organization, LinkedIn relies on Talent Solutions , the professional social network influential recruitment product. As Harvard Business School professor Mikolaj Piskorski explains in his book, " A Social Strategy: How We Profit From Social Media ," recruiting is what sets LinkedIn apart as a business, so it’s what users should emphasize on, too.