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Archan Trivedi was very helpful throughout the resume creation process. He provided gr8 insights and thru his experience & expertise, he helps create an impressive resume. It was satisfying to work with him on this endeavor. I wish him success always. Thank you Archan! V. Fernandez – Regional Manager (Sales and Account Management)

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Please find below a few samples prepared by me for my valued clientele-


Samples for below resume categories may be available upon request

Film Industry Resume

Publishing Industry Resume / Publishing Resume

Music Industry Resume

Agriculture Industry Resume / Agriculture Resume

Water Industry Resume

Hospitality Industry Resume / Hospitality Resume

Chemical Industry Resume

Construction Industry Resume / Construction Resume

Computer Industry Resume

Broadcasting Industry Resume / Broadcasting Resume

Information Industry Resume

Entertainment Industry Resume / Entertainment Resume

Defense Industry Resume / Defense Resume

Manufacturing Industry Resume / Manufacturing Resume

Mass media Industry Resume / Media Resume

Pharmaceutical Industry Resume / Pharmaceutical Resume

Software Industry Resume / Software Resume

Food and Service Industry Resume / Food and Service Resume

Insurance Industry Resume / Insurance Resume

Education Industry Resume / Education Resume / EdTech Resume

Transport Industry Resume / Transport Resume

Financial services Industry Resume / Financial Services Resume

Healthcare Industry Resume / Healthcare Resume

Automotive Industry Resume / Automobile / Automotive Resume